Wives wifes dating local

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Wives wifes dating local

The only difference is that often it is women who fall prey to such nonsense—as was the case that evening when so many of them called during that live radio programme that my wife and I listened to as we drove home. As in the dark ages, stories doing their rounds are becoming larger than life.

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If I have longed to meet President Obama, I am likely to dream that I am having a meal with him and his wife, Michelle, at the White House. Dreams simply live out the wishes and fears of our lives. There is a failure to handle moral issues the way the Bible handles them.It was common talk where they lived and ministered. The belief is that when your marriage is breaking up due to a husband who seems to have lost interest in you, or you have serious gynaecological problems, or you are having miscarriages, then it is because you have a spirit called a spiritual husband causing all this in the spiritual realm.It is also the case if you are getting on in years and no man is seriously approaching you for marriage.It was when he began to tell all the women who were calling in to share their marital problems that they had spiritual husbands who were behind their domestic woes.I had never heard of this and thought the guy was just crazy. The following day, while talking to some theological students from our densely populated townships in Lusaka, they were surprised that I had never heard about this phenomenon.The Bible calls people guilty of sin to repentance, urging them to find forgiveness from God through faith in Christ. ) being counselled to be delivered from spiritual husbands (and wives) are unregenerate. Yet, there is no effort to show them that it is sin in their lives that is destroying their marriages.

If the Lord were to save them, he would give them a new power to enable them to joyfully live in honour of their marriage vows and obligations. There is a failure to counsel people with biblical principles of marriage.Wives ought to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Christ.No, the “man of God” would go straight into telling the women that they had spiritual husbands and needed deliverance.Make a no fee profile and check out who lives in your neighborhood right NOW!There are some things that are just unbelievable when you first hear about them.Even when these false teachers use the Bible, they wrest it out of its context.